With its easy to use Microsoft Outlook-style user interface, the EnableSMS PC Suite makes it convenient for you to broadcast SMS to multiple recipients with just one-click of a button!

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Send SMS to Multiple Recipients Using EnableSMS

Lalah Varias
November 4, 2009

For faster business communication, EnableSMS Suite promises to quickly deliver your text message to a mass base using a PC

Since its introduction in the late 90s, Short Message Service (SMS) or Text Messaging has become a useful communications tool for various businesses, being utilized for internal communications, marketing and advertising (direct marketing, promos, product information), and various information drives.

However, sending out information to a mass base using a mobile phone (even with its "send-to-many" function) takes a long time. To make the idea cost-efficient, one needs a system that allows quick and easy sending of messages to multiple recipients. Advances in technology has allowed the creation of various tools that do exactly this, allowing users to create and send messages using a personal computer (PC) or laptop.

In the Philippines, a local IT company has developed an SMS tool that local entrepreneurs can use for most of their SMS communication requirements. Melvin Dave IT Consulting has developed the EnableSMS Suite that allows users to send and receive text messages using a desktop computer or laptop with a USB Modem (e.g. Sun Broadband, Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo) or a GSM modem.

According to its senior consultant Melvin Vivas, they want to make this technology available to entrepreneurs. "We developed this software because we want entrepreneurs like us to take advantage of technology even if they're just start-up companies," he adds.

Vivas enumerates some of the advantages of using EnableSMS.

No need for internet connection. Unlike other existing BulkSMS products/services, Vivas says that EnableSMS allows users to send text messages without connecting to the internet. All that is needed is a computer, a USB Modem, and the software. He says, "With EnableSMS, your PC becomes a mobile phone."

Easy to use. Vivas claims that even a non-IT person can easily understand and operate the software since its utility is similar to a typical mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird) where you have folders like "inbox" which contains received text messages, "outbox" which contains text messages that are on queue for sending, "sent" containing delivered messages, and "failed" for messages that have not been sent either because of network error or lack of load.

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Text-Message Marketing

Mark Cohen
September 23, 2009

Mobile text messaging, the same 160-character dispatches first popularized by nimble-fingered teenagers, may be the closest thing in the information-overloaded digital marketing world to a guaranteed read.

The use of text messaging, also called SMS (for short message service), has exploded in this country. Some 3.5 billion text messages are sent and received every day, according to CTIA, the wireless industry trade group. That is more than the number of cellphone calls and a threefold jump from 2007, with some of the biggest increases occurring in people over the age of 30.

Thanks to regulatory quirks, however, SMS is still a relatively uncluttered and spam-free marketing channel. It's also the one form of communication that many people are tethered to 24/7. Which helps explain why, at a time when in-boxes fill with hundreds of never-opened e-mail messages from direct marketers, 97 percent of all SMS marketing messages are opened (83 percent within one hour), according to the latest cell-carrier research.

"I like to think of it as the certified mail of digital communications," said Jeff Lee, president of Distributive Networks, a text-messaging application and consulting firm based in Washington. "When you want to be sure people see something, send it by text."

Mr. Lee's company worked with the Obama campaign on its use of SMS in August 2008 to announce Joe Biden as its pick for vice president. An estimated 2.9 million people registered to receive the text. (They were supposed to be first to get the news, but CNN beat the release by two-and-a-half hours.) The promotion generated millions of new mobile phone numbers, which the campaign then used to send out more texts drumming up donations and volunteers.

A year later, in part inspired by the publicity over those efforts, sports teams are using SMS to increase ticket sales, health clubs are using it to hand out trial gym passes, and a luxury home-design chain plans to use it to enhance the shopping experience for those in the market for a bidet.

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SMS Technology for your Business

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