EnableSMS PC Suite is ideal for people who value time and need to send SMS to many receipients at one time. The software saves you time compared to using your mobile phone to send SMS to multiple recipients.

About EnableSMS Suite

EnableSMS Suite is software for your SMS text messaging needs. No Internet connection needed! Just use your prepaid or postpaid SIM card. It allows you to send text messages using your desktop computer or laptop. Perfect for marketing professionals and companies. With its easy to use Microsoft Outlook-style user interface, the EnableSMS Suite makes it convenient for you to broadcast SMS to multiple recipients with just one-click of a button!

The software also provides easy management of your individual contacts and groups. It lets you create unlimited number of contacts and groups. You can also send SMS to groups. It also supports unlimited archiving of SMS messages so you don't need to delete important SMS text messages you receive! It also has quick icons for easy access to commonly used functions.

Exporting SMS messages to CSV(comma-separated values) text file or HTML format is a very useful feature for companies or individuals who want to archive or integrate SMS messages to their database.

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Software Features
  • Easy to use Microsoft Outlook-like user interface
  • Broadcast message to individual and group recipients
  • Manage groups and contacts
  • Create unlimited contacts and groups
  • Assign contacts to groups
  • Assign contact to multiple groups
  • Create and manage unlimited SMS templates
  • Create unlimited archived SMS folders
  • Drag and drop support for SMS archiving
  • Quick icons for easy access
  • Real-time monitoring of signal strength and network information
  • Able to send/receive asynchronously
  • Can handle broadcasting of message while receiving incoming SMS
  • Incoming message notification with sound and pop-up
  • Able to monitor all pending messages for sending
  • Capable of sending message as direct display (like a flash/alert SMS)
  • Capable of receiving concatenated SMS message as single SMS
  • Export to CSV format which can be opened in Microsoft Excel
  • Export to HTML format which can be opened by Internet Explorer, Firefox or any Internet browser

Software Uses
  • Mass SMS text broadcast
  • School announcements using text messaging to parents or students
  • SMS notification for sales manager to sales teams
  • SMS Reservation/Booking - Customer service SMS text alerts to customers
  • SMS Raffles, Contests, Promotions - Disaster or typhoon alerts
  • Product announcements to customers using SMS
  • SMS feedback system for your customers or clients
  • Event alert notifications for event organizers
  • SMS hotline for service companies
  • Job dispatching using SMS
  • Election campaigns
  • Organization meet-ups SMS notifications

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Supported USB Modems

iTegno GSM Modem

The iTegno 3800 GPRS Modem is specially designed for corporate and industrial usage. Supporting GSM/GPRS networks, iTegno 38XX offers wireless data connectivity to mobile professionals and can be deployed in various Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications.

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